Brookdale Access Statement

At Brookdale House we are committed to ensuring that all our guests are given a warm welcome and their needs are catered for; it is vital that we make every effort to ensure that we are aware of any guests who have special needs or disabilities, to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

It is our aim that guests with special requirements do not feel that they are discriminated against in any way and they are welcomed in the same way in which we deal with all our guests.

We are committed to ensuring that all guests are made aware of Brookdale House physical layout, so that they can make a fully informed decision as to whether Brookdale House is the kind of place they wish to spend their holiday in Wadebridge.

It is our policy to conform to all relevant legislation.

BROOKDALE HOUSE was built in 1912 and has two steps leading up to the front door of the property. We do not have any ground floor bedrooms and there is no lift available to any floor. The bedrooms are on the upper levels only accessible by going up stairs to each level, although we would try to overcome any physical barriers and limitations that exist.

Guests who are wheelchair bound will find access to our property very restricted.

Where guests are visually impaired it is our aim to provide and help their individual needs. Please inform us of this on booking, we will assist you if required to do so upon arrival.

We would ask guests with any hearing impairments to advise us on booking so upon arrival we can assist them in any way and we also need to know in case of fire evacuation.

If you require any other details or requirements do not hesitate to contact Debbie or Chris on 01208-815425 or email us using and we will ensure our best attention to this matter.